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$todoMarker$ cite specifics of the problem behavior on $siteName$ and cite the [help center]($helpCenterUrl$) if relevant. $todoMarker$ issue warning or suspension $todoMarker$ explain what the user can do to address the behavior problem, and encourage them to return (that is, if you want them back) once the behavior has been addressed. 1
It has been called to our attention that you have asked the same question repeatedly. If your question was closed or did not attract responses, then the first thing to do is to *improve the question*; some guidance for this is [given here]($howToAskUrl$). Questions that aren’t up to standards are voted on and may be closed: this doesn’t mean they’re gone forever, as they can be reopened if improved or clarified (as appropriate). Please see our [editing]($editingUrl$) guidelines for how to improve your question. However, please do not keep re-asking the same question. If your ability to ask questions has been suspended, do not create new accounts to circumvent our systems; this will result in increasingly longer suspensions being applied. 1
It has come to our attention that you, or someone using your account, has been using multiple accounts to artificially game our systems. The duplicate accounts will be removed and the votes invalidated. Please refrain from using secondary accounts to circumvent our systems in the future. It is not fair to other users of $siteName$ to allow users to gain reputation through [sockpuppets]($sockPuppetsUrl$). Please be aware that we take the integrity of the Stack Overflow systems very seriously, and future incidents of this type will result in increasingly longer suspensions being applied to your profile. However, we know that in some cases, there are legitimate reasons for operating a second account - that is okay, as long as you adhere to the rule that you can't use the second account to do anything that wouldn't be possible with just one account. If you'd like to avoid possible future issues altogether, please use the [contact form]($contactUrl$) and select the "I need to merge user profiles" option, so that we can merge them without further incident. 1
We really want you to have a good experience here, and the first step to that is making sure that questions you submit are clear, on topic and provide all of the information someone would need to answer. You may have noticed that questions you’ve asked weren’t well received by the community; they were downvoted and closed. Specifically, we would like to highlight these questions: <!-- Please add examples here or remove the line above --> There are a number of potential reasons for this and we’d like to help you diagnose exactly what’s happening. Questions may be downvoted and closed because they fit one of our [closure criteria]($closedQuestionUrl$), or are of the [type that we’d prefer users refrain from asking]($dontAskUrl$). While we’re excited that you’re contributing, we ask that you please take some time to read the information linked below - prior to asking another question - in order to assure the best possible experience (both for yourself, and also for other community members): - A brief [guide on how to ask questions]($howToAskUrl$) - A short summary of [questions we permit]($onTopicUrl$) 1
We recently noticed a substantial number of votes on your account to or from specific users. While we encourage everyone to upvote great posts and downvote bad ones, the motivation for doing so needs to be anchored in the merits of the *post*, **not the person who wrote it.** Please refrain from targeting specific users when voting. Stack Exchange works by ensuring that the best information rises to the top. Voting specifically for content that benefits your friends, family or colleagues, or to harm a specific user, unfairly skews that system. Please note that the votes in question will be invalidated. Our system has processes in place to detect various types of voting between groups of users, and these processes are continuously running. If you know anyone who may be voting for your contributions in kind, please ask them to stop before the system detects such activity and takes similar actions on their account. Continued activity of this sort can result in increasingly longer suspensions. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to write back. If you created secondary accounts by mistake and would like to avoid possible future issues altogether, please use the [contact form]($contactUrl$) and select the "I need to merge user profiles" option, so you can merge them without further incident. 1
We’ve noticed a pattern of engaging in lengthy discussions in comments, frequently consisting of responses involving multiple, back-to-back posts. Comments are intended as brief messages to [provide feedback, add minor information, ask for clarification, or discuss the *content of the post*]($commentUrl$). Lengthy clarifications should be edited into the post itself or posted separately as a new question or answer, and extended discussions should be taken to [chat]($ChatUrl). Extensive comment threads tend to be a distraction for other readers. **These lengthy discussions are often hard to follow, and can easily hide critical information.** Our goal is to provide readers with expert questions and answers, **not** host discussion or debate. If you desire conversation, [stop into the site’s chat room]($chatUrl$). We hope that you can work with the community on achieving our goals by: - Asking [specific, researched, relevant, on-topic questions]($howToAskUrl$) - Providing [clear, useful, accurate and well-researched information in answers]($howToAnswerUrl$) - Treating others with [respect and civility]($behaviorUrl$) 1
We’ve noticed that at least one of your posts contains text copied from other published material without indicating the source of the text. As a general rule, posts should be your original work, but including a small passage of text from another source can be a great way to support your post. Please note that **we require full attribution** with a citation/link indicating the original source, and make sure that you **clearly distinguish quoted text from text written by you**. For more information, please see [how to reference material written by others]($referencingUrl$). 1